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Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Technical Equipments, Scientific Equipments & Material Testing Equipments to cover following laboratories :

Theory Of Machine Lab

Epicyclic Gear Trains
Cam Analysis Apparatus
Universal Vibration Apparatus
Static & Balancing Machines
Epicyclic Gear Trains
Cam Analysis Apparatus
Universal Vibration Apparatus
Static & Balancing Machines
Motorized Gyroscope
Motorized Gyroscope
1. Epicvclic Gear Train and Holding Torque Apparatus

The ' J P T I ' unit consist of an epicyclic gear train. Gear train consist of an internal gear having 56 teeth two planet gears with 21 teeth each and sungear having 14 teeth.
The train is driven by a 3-ph/l-ph,1440 R.P.M. motor giving maximum input torque of 0.5 kgm. The planet carrier carries the planet gears. The internal gear is mounted over a flange which  rotates in bearings. A pulley is mounted over a output shaft of internal gear. Torque measurement arrangement with spring balance
is provided for both the internal gear and planet carrier, so that either or than can be held stationary and holding torque required for stationary member and out put torque for the other member can be measured. The whole unit is mounted over syurdy frame . motor current is calibrated for input torque of the motor.

Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus

The ' JPTF unit of a motorised gyroscope consist of a disc rotor mounted on a horizontal shaft rotating in the ball bearing of one frame. The rotor shaft is coupled to a motor mounted on a trunnion frame having bearings in the yoke frame which is free to rotate about vertical axis. Thus a disc can be routed about three perpendicular axes. Angular scale and a pointer fitted to frame help to measure precision rate.

Governor Apparatus

The M P T T unit consists of a main spindle driven by variable speed motor. Spindle can be fitted with four different governor assemblies. A scale with pointer is provided. We can calculate each characteristics of each governor at different speed and compare the performance.

Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
The ' J P T F ' unit consist of a precision ground shaft rotating freely in ball bearing. For static balancing demonstration, an eccentric weight creates unbalance and value of relative weight require to balance the eccentric weight statically is determined. For dynamic balancing apparatus four weight assembly mounted on shaft is provided. Longitudinal and Angular position of weights are calculated from respective relative weight and the weight are mounted at the position. The rotation is vibration free when rotated by small motor.
5. Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator Apparatus
The ‘J P T I’ unit consists of, a base upon which bearing holders and driving motor are coupled. Bearing holder is provided for fitting various bearing to provided different conditions for test shafts, viz. both end fixed and one end free. A variac provided for speed control of driving motor. The unit demonstrate the phenomenon of whirling of shaft. After the test shaft can not be used, hence unit only demonstrate the principle.
Cam Analysis Apparatus
The ‘J P T I’ consists of a cam profile and study of cam follower system. The instrument consist of cam mounted shaft supported by ball bearing upon which three different type of cam can be mounted. The push rod for follower is supported vertically which can adopt three different type of followers can be changed easily. Motor rotates the cam and dial gauge is provided for plotting of follower displacement W.R.T. cam position. Cam jump speed can be found by operating different speed and effect of speed and spring force on jump speed can also be studied.
Universal Vibration Apparatus
The ‘J P Techno Instruments’ designed the VIB LAB for conducting various experiments to illustrate and verify the principles and relations involved in study of vibrations.
This apparatus enables a comprehensive arrangement of vibration experiments to be conducted on a single Sturdy M. S. channel (100 mm x 50 mm) basic frame. The experiments are specially designed for quick and easy assembly on the frame. Many
components are common to several experiments.
8. Journal Bearing Apparatus
The ‘JPTI’ unit consist of a plain steel shaft encased in bearing & directly driven by a small electric motor. The bearing is freely supported on the shaft & sealed at the motor end.
The motor speed is precisely controlled and adjusted by specially designed control unit and can be run in both the direction.
The bearing contains twelve equispaced pressure tapings around its circumference and four additional once along its top side and on a vertical radial plane. All are connected by light and flexible plastic tubes to the rare manometer panel, so that pressure head of oil at all sixteen points can be clearly observed at all times.
Oil is supplied to a low pressure region at both ends of the bearing by an adjustable reservoir fitted at the side of the rare panel.
The bearing can be loaded by attaching various weights to the arms supported..
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